PUBG Mobile is a phenomenon which took the world by storm. It introduced a new type of competitive mode in multiplayer games called Battle Royal and totally changed the way people used to play competitive mobile games. All you have to do is to start PUBG Mobile, choose the match settings like map, perspective, team members and press the start button. It puts you against a 100 players on an abandoned island where you have to collect resources like weapons, ammo, medkits to compete with other players to be the last man standing or the last team standing which is the winner team/player and gets “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

You often hear that someone is organizing a PUBG Mobile competition or tournament through custom rooms but if you’re new to custom rooms you must be wondering how to participate in those competitions. In this tutorial, I’ve explained how you can participate in a PUBG Mobile custom room. Let’s roll.

Step 1: Enter into the menu where you can set various settings like map, server etc.

Step 2: Click on ROOM in bottom left corner.

Step 3: Enter room id in top left corner.

Note: You will get room closed error if you put incorrect id or if the match is finished.

Step 4: Enter room password if asked to join the custom room.

That’s it. Just enjoy your custom room match and help your friend do the same. Happy gaming.